National cuisine of the Falkland Islands


The Falkland Islands are basically represented by two wider territories: East Falkland Island and West Falkland Island and several hundred small islands. During time, Spanish people occupied the territory, so local influences of these strongly personalized cuisines can be found, especially in the only city, Stanley.


In town, the most consumed dishes are the fish fillets or the grilled fish, the seafood salads with local herbs and the sea trout, served with fritters or steamed veggies. The smoko is well known in all Falkland Islands and it basically consists in a snack of tea or coffee and homemade cakes.

In Camp, there are many homemade dishes and very traditional meals, while in ports or towns, like Stanley, the restaurants provide a mixture of more cuisines, but the most important one remains the British, as the traditional British meal fish and chips is very popular.