Christmas Customs in Estonia

Christmas time is still the most important holiday celebrated in Estonia. For Estonians, Christmas is a mixture of the traditional, the modern, the secular, and the religious. Like in other Nordic states, Estonia's celebration of Christmas mostly falls on Christmas Eve, however, Christmas season starts from Advent with people buying Advent calendars or lighting Advent candles. Each year on December 24, the President of Estonia declares Christmas Peace, which is a 350-year-old tradition in Estonia.


Estonia travel advice

Most visits to Estonia are trouble-free, but travellers should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate international terrorist attacks, which could be against civilian targets, including places frequented by foreigners.


Estonia Attractions - Places to See in Estonia

Estonians are known to be hard-working, neat and patriotic. Most of them are nature lovers, too, which comes as no surprise since Estonia has a wealth of natural gems that make up the best Estonia attractions.