Samoan Festivals

Samoan Festivals
Samoan festivals are of many types. There are festivals in Samoathat are traditional and cultural and again, Samoan people celebrate many of the Christian festivals as well being a Christian country. In Samoathere are holidays on several Christian religious days for religious observation. Many festivals are related to these religious observations.


But perhaps the most popular one among a number of Samoa festivals is the fire knife festival. This is a traditional festival that is becoming popular worldwide. A number of fire knife competitions are held through out the year. One of such popular competition is arranged by the Polynesian Cultural Center.

 Moreover this organization arranges a Samoa Festival also where many high schools compete against each other. Apart from several song and dance festivals there are many other categories in this Samoa Festival, where students from these high schools compete. With a number of other festivals, Samoa life in general is very colorful.