Papua New Guinea - Climate

The climate of Papua New Guinea is chiefly influenced by altitude and by the monsoons. The northwest or wet monsoon prevails from December to March, and the southeast or dry trade winds from May to October.


Sightseeing in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, the capital of PNG lies on Fairfax Harbour and is home to the country’s Parliament and National Museum and Art Gallery. The Museum has historical records dating back about 50,000 years and has exhibits of all kinds of arts and crafts from all over the country. Lae is Papua New Guinea’s second most important city and attracts many visitors to its excellent botanical gardens.


Papua New Guinea Food and Drink

Hotel dining rooms cater for most visitors and menus in main centres are fairly extensive. The more remote the area, the more likely it is that the menus will be basic. However, increasing use is made of fresh local meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The number of European, Chinese and Indonesian restaurants is rising.