Political structure of Nauru

Nauru is a republic with a parliamentary system of government.[33] The president is both head of state and head of government. A 19-member unicameral parliament is elected every three years. The parliament elects the president from its members, and the president appoints a cabinet of five to six members.


Climate of Nauru

Nauru's climate is hot and very humid year-round – because of the proximity of the island to the Equator and the ocean.


Nauru — Festivals and Events

This little island’s biggest festivals are Independence Day, the day Nauru was officially declared a free republic, and Constitution Day, the day the island’s constitution was signed. Both of these historic events took place in 1968. Another important holiday is Angam Day, when the population mark hit 1,500, required to continue the survival of its people. Sporting competitions play important parts in several island festivals.