Nauru Health Care and Vaccinations

Nauru has two hospitals - Nauru General Hospital and Nauru Phosphate Corporation Hospital. There are no medical specialists, and serious or complicated cases are sent by air to Australia for treatment. Travellers are advised to take out full health insurance prior to departure.


Nauru Food

Cultivation is difficult on Nauru owing to the poor soil, irregular rainfall and the impact of mining. There are no local fruit or vegetables and most of the available food is canned, refined and imported.


Nauru — Festivals and Events

This little island’s biggest festivals are Independence Day, the day Nauru was officially declared a free republic, and Constitution Day, the day the island’s constitution was signed. Both of these historic events took place in 1968. Another important holiday is Angam Day, when the population mark hit 1,500, required to continue the survival of its people. Sporting competitions play important parts in several island festivals.