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Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands


Majuro is the largest city in and capital of the Marshall Islands. The downtown area is located north of the airport on the eastern side of the main island. It consists of the smaller towns Delap, Uliga and Darrit which are reside on islands linked by small stretches of land.


Get in

A boat dock is on the atoll side of Uliga.

By plane

Amata Kabua International Airport (IATA: MAJ) (ICAO: PKMJ) is on the south side of the Majuro atoll. United Airlines has thrice-weekly service from Honolulu as part of its "island hopper" route which also serves the Federated States of Micronesia and Guam. Non-stop flights from Guam are available on the remaining weekdays. If time permits the island hopper flight stopping at various atolls on the way to/from Guam makes for a scenic way to the destination.

Hotel transfers are usually available for free upon reservation. Taxis are cheap as well (around US$1) and it is a customary process to pick up more passengers on the way.

There is only one road in Majuro. If you are on a walk far away from the city center, police and other people will often give you a ride if they are going in the same direction.

Get around

Much of the island can be explored by foot with the main exception to this being a trip to Laura Beach. Taxis are cheap ($0.75) as long you stay east of the airport. To further reduce costs cab sharing is common. Getting to Laura Beach by taxi is expensive, but buses make the round trip to Laura 6 days a week (not on Sundays) for $2, departing from the RRE parking lot. Hitchhiking is widely practiced and quite safe.

There are packs of feral dogs roaming all inhabited parts of Majuro. Anyone walking or running needs to be ever alert as these dogs frequently attack without provocation. Walkers and runners should always carry a stout rod or similar and several rocks for use in thwarting marauding dogs.

Rental cars run at somewhat fixed rate of $US 60 per day. None of the huge commercial rental agencies operate on the island. Hotel Robert Reimers has about a dozen cars available. A gas station is located south of Hotel Robert Reimers about two thirds of the way to the National Telecommunications Authority building (easily identifiable by the big satellite dishes).


Enoko Island, part of the Majuro atoll. You can rent this for a day or night.
The Majuro atoll itself has few things to offer but is a good base for exploration of the surrounding islands.

The main tourist attraction is Laura Beach on the western tip of the main island about 40km away from town. As taxis to Laura Beach are quite expensive the added value of a rental car should not be neglected.

Eneko Island is a small atoll about 45 minutes away from Uliga by boat. Day trips and overnight stays at their small cottages need to be arranged through the Hotel Robert Reimers.


Internet access in Majuro is relatively good. The options include buying a wi-fi card and taking your laptop or smartphone to a National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) hot spot or by going to NTA in Delap and signing up for wi-fi (smartphones $15 a month, laptops $35 a month). NTA also has an internet cafe.


The small Formosa Supermarket has groceries and basic supplies but closes early. A bigger Payless supermarket is located off the main road in the south-east corner of the main atoll.


The Tidetable Restaurant attached to the Hotel Robert Reimers is a meeting place for locals as well as expats looking for cheap quality food and Internet access. The restaurant overlooks a busy town square as well as the lagoon. Try the MEC Blackout - seasoned slices of tuna which just touched a hot pan for a few seconds.


For nice places full of foreigners, check out the bars at RRE/Tide Table or at Marshall Islands Resort.

Marshall Islands Club is a local favorite. Spacious, with an open air deck situated right on the lagoon.

The Flame Tree is a very popular bar/club combination.

The Pub, Awa Zero, and Lanai (recently shut down) are the late-night dance clubs. They generally don't get going until well after midnight.