The Marvelous Marshall Islands: A Vacation To Remember

The Marshall Islands are a Micronesian state in the Pacific Ocean and is considered to be the “dive capital” of Micronesia. The official language of the island is English, however Japanese is also spoken in some areas. The tourism industry accounts for a small portion of the economy, but the government has recently began to undertake improvements to increase the flow of travelers to the islands.


Health in the Marshall Islands

The people of the Marshall Islands face considerable challenges to maintain the health of its citizens. Recently, high population growth and crowded conditions in urban areas, have given rise to diseases, such as tuberculosis and leprosy. These conditions typically come about in rapid growth areas of the world that have limited economic and medical resources. In addition, exposure to the influence of Western culture has brought about a rise in the levels of adult obesity, non-communicable diseases, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and alcoholism, and tobacco use.


Food in the Marshall Islands

Life has never been easy in the Marshall Islands: the effort demanded to produce food continues to be great and the diet austere. Fish from the surrounding seas has naturally been the traditional support of life, while the scanty land has yielded three grudging crops - breadfruit, pandanus and swamp tare, in addition to the. ubiquitous coconut. By skillful management of the harsh terrain, its cultivation has sustained existence over the centuries in a system perfectly adapted to the demands of the region.