The Marvelous Marshall Islands: A Vacation To Remember

The Marshall Islands are a Micronesian state in the Pacific Ocean and is considered to be the “dive capital” of Micronesia. The official language of the island is English, however Japanese is also spoken in some areas. The tourism industry accounts for a small portion of the economy, but the government has recently began to undertake improvements to increase the flow of travelers to the islands.


Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands

Majuro is the largest city in and capital of the Marshall Islands. The downtown area is located north of the airport on the eastern side of the main island. It consists of the smaller towns Delap, Uliga and Darrit which are reside on islands linked by small stretches of land.


Religion in Marshall Islands

Most Marshallese are Protestants, and as a whole they are very religious. While the largest church in the nation is the United Church of Christ, there are many other Protestant denominations represented, like Assembly of God, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists. The Catholic Church also has established a strong presence in the islands. In recent years, the Church of Latter-day Saints has also become established. Sundays are set aside for rest and relaxation and attending church services.