Food in the Marshall Islands

Life has never been easy in the Marshall Islands: the effort demanded to produce food continues to be great and the diet austere. Fish from the surrounding seas has naturally been the traditional support of life, while the scanty land has yielded three grudging crops - breadfruit, pandanus and swamp tare, in addition to the. ubiquitous coconut. By skillful management of the harsh terrain, its cultivation has sustained existence over the centuries in a system perfectly adapted to the demands of the region.


Currency of Marshall Islands

The US$ is the currency used in the Marshalls. Credit cards are accepted on Majuro but have limited usage on the other isles. The main banks are located in the capital Majuro; only one of them offers ATM facilities.


Climate of the Marshall Islands

The weather in the Marshall Islands is tropical - hot and humid, but tempered by trade-winds which prevail throughout the year.