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Administrative divisions of the Marshall Islands


The Republic of Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls (each made up of many islets) and 5 islands, which can be divided into two island chains, Ralik Chain and Ratak Chain.


Inhabited municipalities

Administratively, the country is divided into 24 inhabited municipalities, corresponding to the 24 inhabited atolls or islands, where each of them is an electoral district.

Ailinglaplap Atoll(Popullation:1,959,Area:15km2)
Ailuk Atoll(Popullation:513,Area:5km2)
Arno Atoll(Popullation:2,069,Area:13km2)
Aur Atoll(Popullation:537,Area:6km2)
Ebon Atoll(Popullation:902,Area:6km2)
Jabat Island(Popullation:95,Area:1km2)
Jaluit Atoll(Popullation:1,669,Area:11km2)
Kwajalein Atoll(Popullation:10,902,Area:16km2)
Lae Atoll(Popullation:322,Area:1km2)
Lib Island(Popullation:147,Area:1km2)
Likiep Atoll(Popullation:527,Area:10km2)
Majuro Atoll (capital)(Popullation:23,401,Area:10km2)
Maloelap Atoll(Popullation:856,Area:10km2)
Mejit Island(Popullation:416,Area:2km2)
Mili Atoll(Popullation:1,032,Area:16km2)
Namorik Atoll(Popullation:772,Area:3km2)
Namu Atoll(Popullation:903,Area:6km2)
Rongelap Atoll(Popullation:19,Area:8km2)
Ujae Atoll(Popullation:440,Area:2km2)
Utirik Atoll(Popullation:433,Area:2km2)
Wotho Atoll(Popullation:145,Area:4km2)
Wotje Atoll(Popullation:866,Area:8km2)

Uninhabited atolls/islands

The remaining 10 atolls/islands are currently uninhabited. According to the Constitution of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the uninhabited atolls/islands Narikrik, Erikub, Jemo, Taka, Bikar, Bokak, Rongrik and Ailinginae shall each be included in the electoral district with which it is most closely associated, pursuant to the customary law or any traditional practice. Ujelang is listed with the Enewetak & Ujelang District, and Bikini with the Bikini & Kili District.