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Geography of French Polynesia


The islands of French Polynesia have a total land area of 4,167 square kilometres (1,622 sq. mi) scattered over 2,500,000 square kilometres (965,255 sq. mi) of ocean. There are around 130 islands in French Polynesia.


It is made up of six groups of islands. The largest and most populated island is Tahiti, in the Society Islands.

The island groups are:

Marquesas Islands
Society Islands
Tuamotu Archipelago
Gambier Islands often considered part of the Tuamotu Archipelago
Austral Islands
Bass Islands often considered part of the Austral Islands

Aside from Tahiti, some other important atolls, islands, and island groups in French Polynesia are: Ahē, Pora Pora, Hiva 'Oa, Huahine, Mai'ao, Maupiti, Meheti'a, Mo'orea, Nuku Hiva, Ra'iātea, Taha'a, Te Ti'aroa, Tupua'i, and Tūpai.