French Polynesia


Currency of French Polynesia

The currency of French Polynesia is the Pacific Financial Community franc, known in French as the Comptoirs Français du Pacifique franc (CFPF).


Overview of French Polynesia

Officially name: French Polynesia

Capital: Papeete

Largest city: Faaa

Official language: French

Government: Dependent territory


Administrative divisions of French Polynesia

There are two levels of administrative divisions of French Polynesia and five administrative subdivisions (French: subdivisions administratives). Each of these is further divided into a total of 48 communes. Many of the communes are further subdivided into communes associées. The breakdown into administrative subdivisions was as a result of decree #72-408 of May 17, 1972, and the communes were thereafter established as a result of law #71-1028, dated December 24, 1971.