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Administrative divisions of French Polynesia


There are two levels of administrative divisions of French Polynesia and five administrative subdivisions (French: subdivisions administratives). Each of these is further divided into a total of 48 communes. Many of the communes are further subdivided into communes associées. The breakdown into administrative subdivisions was as a result of decree #72-408 of May 17, 1972, and the communes were thereafter established as a result of law #71-1028, dated December 24, 1971.


The subdivisions administratives are:

Windward Islands (French: Îles du Vent, or officially la subdivision administrative des Îles du Vent), part of the Society Islands

Leeward Islands (French: Îles Sous-le-Vent, or officially la subdivision administrative des Îles Sous-le-Vent), also part of the Society Islands

Marquesas Islands (French: (Îles) Marquises, or officially la subdivision administrative des (Îles) Marquises), a northeastern Polynesian outlier

Austral Islands (French: (Îles) Australes, or officially la subdivision administrative des (Îles) Australes), includes the Bass Islands

Tuamotu-Gambier (French: (Îles) Tuamotu-Gambier, or officially la subdivision administrative des (Îles) Tuamotu-Gambier), the Tuamotus and the Gambier Islands

Below are several lists of the 48 communes, according to different sorting schemes.

Marquesas Islands:

Commune of Fatu-Hiva
Commune of Hiva-Oa
Commune of Nuku-Hiva (capital)
Commune of Tahuata
Commune of Ua-Huka
Commune of Ua-Pou

Windward Islands (of which Papeete is the provisional administrative seat) :

Commune of Arue
Commune of Faaa
Commune of Hitiaa O Te Ra
Commune of Mahina
Commune of Moorea-Maiao
Commune of Paea
Commune of Papara
Commune of Papeete (capital)
Commune of Pirae
Commune of Punaauia
Commune of Taiarapu-Est
Commune of Taiarapu-Ouest
Commune of Teva I Uta


Commune of Anaa
Commune of Arutua
Commune of Fakarava
Commune of Fangatau
Commune of Gambier (capital)
Commune of Hao
Commune of Hikueru
Commune of Makemo
Commune of Manihi
Commune of Napuka
Commune of Nukutavake
Commune of Puka-Puka
Commune of Rangiroa
Commune of Reao
Commune of Takaroa
Commune of Tatakoto
Commune of Tureia

Austral Islands

Commune of Raivavae
Commune of Rapa Iti
Commune of Rimatara
Commune of Rurutu
Commune of Tubuai (capital)
Leeward Islands
Commune of Bora-Bora
Commune of Huahine
Commune of Maupiti
Commune of Tahaa
Commune of Taputapuatea
Commune of Tumaraa
Commune of Uturoa (capital)

For French administrative convenience, Clipperton Island had been attached to French Polynesia until February 20, 2007, but never formed part of any administrative subdivision or commune of French Polynesia. On February 21, 2007, Clipperton Island was transferred from the High Commissioner of the republic in French Polynesia to the Minister of Overseas France.