Food in French Polynesia


French Polynesian food has become synonymous with fresh ingredients, exotic tropical fruits and vegetables and a variety of fish and sea food cooked in traditional Polynesian style with a bit of French style and flair thrown in for enhanced effect.


 A regular Polynesian meal is called an amura'a and consists of a main course of roast suckling pig or chicken cooked in traditional underground ovens called ahimaas.

The main course is accompanied by a variety of preparations using such vegetables as cassava, sweet potatoes, taro, yams, pumpkins, breadfruit and tropical fruits like pineapples, melons and cantaloupes, coconut, paw paws and bananas. The meal is wound up with poe, a dessert made of taro root flavored with banana, vanilla, papaya or pumpkin and topped with coconut-milk sauce. 

The French influence comes to the forefront in a fine selection of confectionary like croissants or the crisp and crunchy wafer like biscuits called kato that are made from coconut milk. Eat them with a cup of demi tasse - or try a cup of coffee island style, delicately flavoured with pure extract of vanilla beans and topped with sugar and coconut cream.