Education System in French Polynesia

Education System in French Polynesia
The French Polynesian school education system is similar to that of France, not only because the medium of instruction is French, and it is compulsory there through to age 16 too. Children begin at primary school as young as age 5, and remain there for 6 years.


Secondary Education

Secondary schooling takes a further 7 years through to age 17, of which the first 6 are compulsory, although more than a few islanders fail to comply. Public schools are fully financed by the government, which also subsidizes some private schools owned by churches. The final examination is good for university anywhere in the region.

Vocational Education

There are several vocational training institutions and agricultural schools in French Polynesia financed by the government, and a variety of private colleges too.

Tertiary Education

French Polynesia EducationThe University of French Polynesia based in Outumaoro (previously the ​​Université Française du Pacifique) was established in 1999 and is an autonomous public scientific, cultural and professional education and research institution. It administers bachelors and graduate degrees in a wide range of departments. 

In addition to lecture rooms for students, it boasts a library with 50,000 books, a sports hall, a student cafeteria, and 72 rooms for students from out of town.