Drinks in Nepal

Drinks in Nepal
Like much of the region, the drink of choice in Nepal is tea. The version can differ though as both standard black tea with milk and sugar as well as salted butter tea can be found.


Juices and dairy products are also popular beverages, although the juices tend to be very sweet. Soft drinks and coffee are easy to find in any city as well as in some towns and along all major hiking trails foreigners use.

The tap water is generally not safe to drink in Nepal, but in some mountainous areas it might be safe. The most cautious course of action is to entirely avoid the tap water and items that could be made from or with the water, such as ice, fruits, and salads.

If you do decide to drink the local tap water first check with your local hotel or guesthouse to learn the cleanliness of the water in that area. If the water is safe, remember that many people may have trouble adjusting to the local tap water as it will most certainly be different from what your system is used to if you are not from the region.