Christmas In Nepal

Christmas In Nepal
Christmas is celebrated more amongst the Christian communities in Nepal. However, other communities also participate in parties and non religious celebrations during holiday with Christians.


In other words, people of Nepal celebrate Christmas as a national festival as they celebrate other festivals. People start shopping from the beginning of December.

Christmas trees are erected at homes with lots of decorations on it. Trees are decorated with bells, starts, reindeers, gift boxes, and many other decorations.

The Christmas trees are lit up with twinkling lights. People attend services in the church during the mid night. In the morning people visit the houses of friends and convey their best wishes.

Gifts are being exchanged. In the evenings the Christian homes host special Christmas feasts. The feast comprises roasted chicken, vegetable salad and other Nepali foods along with turkey, pumpkin pies and Christmas puddings.

The foods and celebration depends upon the status of people, however, all celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus with zeal and enthusiasm.

There are so many functions organized in Thamel, Kathmandu. There are many decoration and lighting going on in Tamel. Music, concerts and many attractions to tourists are held in Thamel.

Restaurants offer discounts and lots of food varieties during Christmas in Thamel and other towns in Nepal. There are big celebrations in Pokhara too.