Alcohol in Iran

Alcohol in Iran
The alcoholic drinks market in Iran consist of only non-alcoholic beer, as the law bans alcohol for Muslim citizens. Non-Muslim citizens (namely Christian and Jewish citizens) are allowed to produce alcoholic beverages for their consumption. Non-Muslim citizens are also allowed to bring alcohol into the country. However, despite complete prohibition for Muslim citizens, there is still widespread alcohol use across Iran.


Limitation on alcoholic drinks provides a good opportunity for non-alcoholic beer. The alcoholic drinks market in Iran consist of non-alcoholic beer, as the law bans the consumption, manufacturing and trading of alcohol for Muslim citizens.

Christian and Jewish citizens are allowed to consume, manufacture and trade alcohol. Restrictions for Muslims have created very strong request for non-alcoholic beer.

Anti-smuggling plans by the Iranian Government, coupled with awareness campaigns against the consumption of cola carbonates and campaigns encouraging the drinking of non-alcoholic beer, further boosted demand in 2010.

More young adults in Iran are tending to non-alcoholic beer, following widespread media coverage regarding its health benefits. These health advantages play a major part in the promotional activities of most major firms.