Alcohol in Iran

The alcoholic drinks market in Iran consist of only non-alcoholic beer, as the law bans alcohol for Muslim citizens. Non-Muslim citizens (namely Christian and Jewish citizens) are allowed to produce alcoholic beverages for their consumption. Non-Muslim citizens are also allowed to bring alcohol into the country. However, despite complete prohibition for Muslim citizens, there is still widespread alcohol use across Iran.


Food in Iran

Due to the range of culinary traditions across the Iranian provinces, food in Iran is extremely diverse. Common to all the Iranian provinces however, is the fact that Iranian food tends to be both healthy and nutritious.


Places to visit in Iran

There is a wide range of places to visit in Iran, a country that has something for everyone, from the lovers of art and culture to the more adventurous at heart. For visitors who want to discover the culture and traditions of Iran, there are several magnificent ruins of ancient cities, glorious mosques and mausoleums. The adventure seekers can enjoy budget-priced skiing, trekking, or some rock climbing.