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Culture of Zimbabwe


Zimbabwean music is renowned and an important component of the nation’s culture. Social events like weddings, funerals, harvest and births usually contain their own ritual music.


There is a strong tradition of storytelling accompanied by music and especially choral audience participation. No article on Zimbabwean music can fail to mention the role of geology in it - many stones in granite outcrops around the country are used as mujejeje ('stone bells'). When struck, they give off (amazingly) a tinkling bell-like tone.

 Harare is one of the great centres for authentic African sounds, having evolved a kind of music called Chimurenga (after the wars of independence; see History). It has also attracted talent and music from the region, including South African exiles during the height of apartheid.

Traditional Zimbabwean arts are famed and include pottery, basket making, textiles, jewellery and carving. There is a strong tradition and industry for handicrafts in the country. Symmetrically patterned woven baskets and stools carved from a single piece of wood are especially good examples of Zimbabwean craftsmen’s skill. 

Shona sculpture, an attempt to apply European artistic training to the depiction of African folklore, has developed over the past few decades. Due to the remarkable tradition for art and craft in the country, some Zimbabwean sculptors are counted among the world's best.