Top Three Nigerian Drinks


Let’s begin with the zobo drink; have you had a taste of zobo before? This drink is both tasty and also considered very healthy. It is one of the few drinks in Nigeria that are made with only natural ingredients.


Both the zobo leaves that is used for coloring and all other ingredients are natural. You can decide to use synthesized pineapple flavor or use the real pineapple, aside that, it is all natural.No artificial coloring and no preservative.


The next Nigerian drink on my list would be Chapman, a few people prefer to call it shapman. it is a combination of some of the already popular brands and few other ingredients. For some reason, this is the most acceptable drink for cocktail parties in Nigeria. An expert member of the Kitchen motivated me into writing this recipe for the Chapman drink.

Fruit Juice

The last but not the list would be fruit juice, this tops the list of Nigerian drinks. A chilled cup of freshly made fruit juice has the capacity to stir up your neural pathway and ensure a successful day. You probably know what I am saying if you have tried a glass of freshly made juice early in the morning. What we made here is a combination of orange and pineapple juice.