Wedding in Nigeria

According to old customs, women did not have much say in whom they married- and they still don't in some places. That's one good thing about a compound(many wives): support is built in, whereas in modern Western society some people spend quite a lot of money finding "support groups".


Abuja is the capital of Nigeria

Abuja (/əˈbuːdʒə/) is the capital city of Nigeria. It is located in the centre of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja is a planned city, and was built mainly in the 1980s.


New Years Eve in Nigeria

Initially, New Year is considered to be a festival drawn out of the religion of Christianity, in almost all parts of the country other than the northern part. However, the thought process got more liberal, and even people from other beliefs including the prominent Islamism, started celebrating New Years Eve with ecstasy and enthusiasm. However, the ways with which different religious followers celebrate it is slightly different from others.