Education System in Nigeria

In Nigeria, education continues to be tuned to the advantage of wealthier city people who have better chances of converting it into real jobs. This is exacerbated by poor facilities in rural areas.


New Years Eve in Nigeria

Initially, New Year is considered to be a festival drawn out of the religion of Christianity, in almost all parts of the country other than the northern part. However, the thought process got more liberal, and even people from other beliefs including the prominent Islamism, started celebrating New Years Eve with ecstasy and enthusiasm. However, the ways with which different religious followers celebrate it is slightly different from others.


Nigerian cuisine

Lagos, Abuja and other major cities have a big selection of restaurants, serving everything from traditional Nigerian dishes to French baguettes, excellent sushi and good hamburgers. In short, European, North American and Asian tastes are well catered for, and you'll also find a range of different cuisines from across the African continent.