Mozambique Climate

Mozambique Climate
Mozambique Climate is warm and tropical with the average temperature in the country is 28° Celcius.


The weather along the coast of Mozambique is sunny and warm even in coarse midwinter which is chilling elsewhere. In summers the months ranges from October to April which is rainy, humid, and very hot. The winter months, from April to September are cooler and drier and thus provide the most comfortable tenure for travel. 

Though temperatures and rainfall formulas vary greatly between the regions and areas of the country. Mozambique's north-eastern coast happens to be the hottest and most humid in the country. The high-altitude regions of Nampula and Niassa provinces are the coolest though not chilling. Climate along the coastal regions can be hot and humid that is intolerable at times, while inland areas experience the cooler nights which is life a relief after the heat of the day. 

The country's northern areas receive almost twice as much rainfall as the southern provinces receive. Thus these are the places where severe and prolonged droughts have occurred. 

The rainy season runs from October to March in the South. It starts and also ends almost six weeks later in the north. The highest temperatures are experienced during the rainy season that is during the months of November to April. Dry Season is from April to November in Mozambique. 

Coastal temperatures during the day is average between 24° and 27°C and can rise up to 31°C. Average annual rainfall of Mozambique along the coast line is 800 to 900mm. While in some areas of Mozambique Climate means an average of 2000mm rainfall too.