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About Mauritius Culture


Encapsulates the attributes of being multi cultural, multilingual, multiracial, multi religious in nature. The culture of Mauritius is an amalgamation of various cultures and traditions that live in a perfect harmony.


The major festivals of Mauritius are Christmas, Idul Fitr, Diwali and Cavadee. The people from various religions live together in harmony and peace. Mauritius is dotted with a lot of temples, churches and mosques. 

Sega is an ancient musical art form which traces its origin to the slaves of Africa. The Sega dance is performed by the dancers who use their hips to the ecstatic and mellifluous tunes. The Sega dance forms with a political undertone are used as a tool to propagate a socio political message. The traditional form of Sega moves in the range of a slow to a fast rhythm.

Contemporary forms of music like Creole have inculcated rap and pop in their forms. The Mauritian literature has evolved from the French who created poetry based on erudite and interpretive characters. Mauritian literature was at its peak in 1970. Creole Literature originated in 1970 and it focused on folklores. Charles Baissac, Jean Claude d'Avoine, Raymond Chasle are some of the renowned poets who started a symbolist movement.

The prose dominated the literature scenario in 1980 and 1990. Hindi Literature also flourished in Mauritius because of the presence of Indian community. Abhimanyu Unnuth is a renowned writer who wrote Lal Pasina(Red Sweat ) which highlighted the plights of the Indian workers in Mauritius.

 The book was critically acclaimed in the literary circuit. The presence of Indian community created a cultural ambiance with Indian influence in Mauritius. Bhojpuri songs which are the folk songs of Bihar are immensely popular in Mauritius. Mauritius truly represents a unique cosmopolitan culture with a tolerant spirit.