Healthcare in Mauritius

Healthcare in Mauritius
Protection against sunburn: It is very important to protect oneself well from insolation. It is much stronger than in Europe and one may get sunburned even in cloudy weather. Use suncream with a high sun protection factor, get used to the sun slowly, wear a headgear and stay in the shadow in the beginning of your stay.


Protection against mosquitoes: Malaria prophylaxis is not needed in Mauritius, but mosquitoes can transmit the dengue fever. Therefore, pay attention to protection of mosquitoes. In the afternoon/evening you should apply repellent. If you are traveling in forests, please protect yourself all day. 

Other protection: In ponds, lakes and rivers bilharzia virus might be present. It is thus advised to avoid swimming in these waters. Furthermore, HIV and Aids are present worldwide. Infections might arise from unprotected sexual relations, blood transfusions and unclean injection needles and cannula. 

Diseases: Dont't forget to bring a small first aid kit to have the medicine with you that you trust. Gastro-intestinal diseases are the most common illnesses that tourists suffer from. Please pay special attention to accurate hygiene of foods and beverages. Please avoid drinking tab water (or boil it before drinking).

Please note that some medicament are banned on import. Make sure that you carry a prescription for them with you.

Recommended vaccinations: For a vacation to Mauritius you should be vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis A. If you are especially exposed (e.g. jogging, hiking) vaccinations against hydrophobia and typhus should also be taken into consideration. If you are planning a longer stay on the island, vaccination against hepatitis B is advisable. 

Only travelers who come to Mauritius from regions with yellow fever infections have to show a vaccination against yellow fever upon arrival. 

Health care in Mauritius: The healthcare on the island is well organized. In public hospitals tourists are treated of course. Private clinics provide better standards, but must be paid in advance. 

Travel insurance: To take out a travel insurance is strongly recommended. Please check the terms of protection and content of your insurance. If necessary, conclude an additional insurance for an extended stay abroad.