Things to see and do in Mauritius

A hypnotic blend of Indian, Chinese, African, French and British influences, Mauritius is a dazzling Indian Ocean island that enchants nearly all who visit. But while its famous white sand beaches and luxurious hotels are its top attractions, Mauritius offers far more to do than most tropical islands, with superb hiking, mountain climbing, diving and ecotourism opportunities.


Strong drinks in Mauritius

Mauritius manufactures a vast range of cane rum. It is inexpensive and makes a nice drink when mixed with cola and ice. Another popular drink is a mixture of coconut water, a dash of lime and a bit of cane rum over ice. It’s worth looking for a bottle of cane rum that is at least 5 years old.


Rivers and lakes of Mauritius

Mauritius has some 10 lakes, most of them small and artificially designed in order to ensure the drinking water supply. The largest lake is the Mare aux Vacoas.