Strong drinks in Mauritius

Mauritius manufactures a vast range of cane rum. It is inexpensive and makes a nice drink when mixed with cola and ice. Another popular drink is a mixture of coconut water, a dash of lime and a bit of cane rum over ice. It’s worth looking for a bottle of cane rum that is at least 5 years old.


Currency of Mauritius

Mauritian Rupee (MUR; symbol Rp) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of Rp2,000, 1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 25. Coins are in denominations of Rp10, 5 and 1.


Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius

Port Louis (French: Port-Louis) is the capital city of Mauritius, located in the Port Louis District, the western part also lies in the Black River District. Port Louis is the country's economic, cultural, political centre and most populous city. It is administered by the Municipal City Council of Port Louis. According to the 2012 census conducted by Statistics Mauritius, the population was 148,001.