Food in Gambia


Food in Gambia is made of commonly grown food such as groundnuts, vegetables, millet and cassava along with meat and fish.


There are several Gambian dishes worth a try. “Bechanin” or Jollof rice is a tasty pilaf with tomato puree and vegetables. “Base Nyebe” is a thick and richly flavoured stew of beef with beans and other vegetables, usually served with “Chere”, which is steamed millet flour balls.

Gambian “Domoda” is meat stewed in groundnut puree and is served with rice. “Plasa” consists of meat and smoked fish, cooked in palm oil with leafy veggies and is usually served with “Fou-Fou”, which is trashed up cassava. A delicious sweet dish called “Churagrete” is porridge made of pounded groundnuts, rice and milk.