Food in Ivory Coast


The food in Cote d’Ivoire reflects the cultural diversity of its population and especially its expatriate population. Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese food is becoming increasingly popular, while Senegalese and Moroccan cuisines are specialties.


French snacks like baguettes and croissants and Arab/Lebanese dishes like shawarma are widely available. Braised poisson (fish) and poulet (chicken) are ubiquitous, while other staples include kedjenou, a chicken and vegetable stew served with rice and n’ voufou, boiled and mashed yams or bananas mixed with a little olive oil and served with aubergine sauce. 

Most meat and vegetable dishes are accompanied by lightly fried tomato and onion, along with attieke (grated cassava – tastes a bit like couscous). Drinking is not restricted, and locals enjoy, Bangui, a local palm wine.