Cote D'Ivoire


Population of Cote d'Ivoire

The country's population was 15,366,672 in 1998, and was estimated to be 20,617,068 in 2009, and 23,919,000 in July 2014.Ivory Coast's first national census in 1975 counted 6.7 million inhabitants.


Health in Ivory Coast

The public medical services of Ivory Coast are more important than the small number of private physicians and clinics. As of 2004, there were an estimated 9 physicians, 31 nurses, and 15 midwives per 100,000 people. About 77 percent of the population had access to safe water in 2000. Total health care expenditures were estimated at 3.7 percent of GDP.


Overview of Cote d'Ivoire

Officially name: Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Capital: Yamoussoukro

Largest city: Abidjan

Official language: French

Government: Semi-presidential republic