Cape Verdean cuisine


Cape Verdean cuisine owes much to European influences and to the life in the sea around the archipelago. Perhaps the most ubiquitous dish is catchupa, a dish of ground maize, beans and sometimes meat or chicken.


Other popular dishes include Camoca com mel, adjagacida (corn meal gruel cooked with favona), fringinato, batanca, botchada, corn gruel and milhoemgrMo (ground corn). There is a good range of cheeses available around Boa Vista that the locals eat with bread or couscous. Seafood dishes usually take the form of caldodopeixe (fish stew) or chicharro seco (a dried fish). 

Sweets in Cape Verde are tasty combinations of fruit like banana, guayaba, papaya, and cornflour pastry - a'ucarinha, brinhola, fongo, and filh’s (a kind of fritter topped by cane syrup). To wash down the tropical fruit and sweets available here, try some of the local beer and a cup of Fogo coffee. Bon apetit!