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Bolivian Culture


Located in the Central South America and south west of Brazil Bolivia Culture is a mix and match of various races but most Bolivians are born in Roman Catholicism whereas Protestant are 5%.


The ethnic groups are the mixture of 30% Quechua, 30 % Mestizo, 25% Aymara, 15% White. Spanish is the official language and other 39 languages are spoken in different regions of the country. Culture Of Bolivia also lay great emphasis in the family and social life and culture forms the main center stage. Women generally looks after the religious aspect like visiting church and all and the Bolivian Spanish is mix of indigenous rivals from the different regions.

A differing ethic groups have now formed a class system in Bolivia and its due to past History and Culture of Bolivia. The whites are the top rankers in Bolivia culture but its due to socio-economic factor rather than the skin color discrimination .Etiquettes forms are looked a lot in Bolivia Culture and one has to follow them in all the general and business meetings.

The Culture of Bolivia in terms of music is entirely different and they mostly hails from different regions. Dances are also forms part of Bolivia Culture and cueca, auqui-auqui and tinku are the popular dance s in practice whereas spinning and weaving are at par with the other South America culture.

The Bolivians food fetish are meat dishes , rice , potatoes and shredded lettuce and various hot sauces made from tomatoes and lettuce are in use. Bolivia culture of food is a mix of great cuisines with good drinks and along with bear and wine, "chicha" a drink made from maize liquor is used.

Thus the Bolivia culture is a mix of full- blooded indigenous and they have lived in this region long before the Europeans arrived and settled in the beautiful country of Bolivia.