Jamaica Healthcare

Jamaica has developed a large and complex public network of primary care centres and hospitals around the country, offering an extensive array of services, frequently for free or below cost. The rising costs of healthcare resources, which are largely imported, and devaluation of the Jamaican currency have widened the gap between available and required resources.


Jamaican Wedding Traditions

With a relaxed and amazingly hospitable culture, Jamaican weddings are some of the best examples of a real coming together of families – as well as friends and indeed whole communities – for a real celebration! With some extraordinarily beautiful wedding backdrop options, including coastal, city or inland, Jamaica is a fantastic place to visit for the purposes of marriage – whether to hold one or to be a part of someone else’s celebration.


Jamaican Religion

Religion is a very important part of everyday life in Jamaica. Primarily on Saturdays and Sundays the streets are filled with adults and children holding their Bibles and heading to and from Church.