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Culture of the Solomon Islands


In the traditional culture of the Solomon Islands, age-old customs are handed down from one generation to the next, allegedly from the ancestral spirits themselves, to form the cultural values to Solomon Islands. Culturally, the Solomon Islands are a part of Melanesia, and the indigenous peoples are Melanesians.


It is the traditional Culture of [url=]Solomon Islands[/url], where the age old rituals and customs are handed down from one generation to the coming generation. It is said to be done by the ancestral spirits themselves and these forms the basic cultural values and it has also strengthened the culture of Solomon Islands. The place is very interesting and the travelers all over the world must pay a visit to this island. There are some lovely tourist attractions in the islands and some exciting adventure sports activity sites as well. These islands have got very good accommodation and dining facilities as well. So the visitors coming here will definitely have a wonderful holiday, which they will remember for a very long time.

While exploring the different regions of the [url=]Solomon Islands[/url], the visitors will surely come to know much about this place and also come closer to the culture of the Solomon Islands. In these islands, radio is the most influential type of media. This is because of high illiteracy and the different languages that are spoken in different parts of the [url=]Solomon Islands[/url]. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that is (SIBC) operates the public radio services that include the different national stations Wantok FM and the Radio Happy Isles, and even the provincial stations like the Radio Temotu and Radio Happy Lagoon. There is also one commercial station that is the PAOA FM.

The visitors coming here will come to know about the interesting history of Solomon Islands. The history also reveals the age old culture and tradition of the place. The people living in the rural areas still live a rustic life. They live in traditional bush villages. There is very little encroachment of the western world in these villages. The lives here have remained the same for centuries. The men here wear laplaps. The women smoke pipes and weave very delicate string baskets. The day to day trading carried here still has barter system, where exchange of shell money and pigs take place. Tribal customs are very much persistent in many rural places of the Solomon Islands. Music and dance are also an important part of the Solomon Island's culture.

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