Solomon Islands


Money & duty free for Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD; symbol SI$) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of SI$50, 20, 10, 5 and 2. Coins are in denominations of SI$1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.


Solomon Islands things to see and do

Visit the main islands of Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Malaita, New Georgia, San Cristobal and Santa Isabel. They are up to 200km (120 miles) long and up to 50km (30 miles) wide. The wildlife on the islands is of great interest, consisting of a mixture of introduced and indigenous species. Most islands are populated with a range of reptiles (including turtles), as well as marsupials such as flying foxes (fruit bats), phalangers and opossums.


Medicine of the Solomon Islands

In traditional Solomon Island society, every disease has a spiritual cause or explanation to it. Before Western-introduced diseases, there were traditional cures for most diseases. With the introduction of Western diseases and medicine, the whole equation changed drastically.