Palau Food

Palauan food is wonderfully varied and draws heavily on influences from the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Palau — Festivals and Events

Palau doesn’t hold a large number of celebrations and events throughout the year. However, there are some that will interest travelers, especially if they are coming from the US. Several major American holidays are recognized and celebrated here, with Thanksgiving the most popular event among locals and expatriates alike. Of course, Palau’s Independence Day is fondly celebrated by citizens each year and is often regarded as the most important day on the Palau calendar.


Palau — Attractions

Palau is not renowned for its landmarks. However, there are a number of exciting places to explore that will get tourists away from diving and snorkeling for a few hours. Koror is where much of the action is found, but some of the areas around the busiest island city are also home to key attractions. The Rock Islands are extremely fascinating natural works of art, especially for visitors who experience the Jellyfish Lake phenomenon. Cultural aspects of Palau are located in the must-visit Belau National Museum.