Geography of Palau

Palau (Listeni/pəˈlaʊ/, sometimes spelled Belau or Pelew), officially the Republic of Palau (Palauan: Beluu er a Belau),is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is geographically part of the larger island group of Micronesia. The country's population of around 21,000 is spread across 250 islands forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands.


Culture of Palau

The graphic arts are highly developed in Palau. In the past the village meetinghouse was the center of both visual and performance arts. The end gables (bai) of these houses and the interior beams were decorated with low-relief painted carvings, depicting histories of the village and its relationships with other villages.


Palau — Festivals and Events

Palau doesn’t hold a large number of celebrations and events throughout the year. However, there are some that will interest travelers, especially if they are coming from the US. Several major American holidays are recognized and celebrated here, with Thanksgiving the most popular event among locals and expatriates alike. Of course, Palau’s Independence Day is fondly celebrated by citizens each year and is often regarded as the most important day on the Palau calendar.