Kiribati Festivals

Kiribati Festivals
Kiribati Festival has always stood as a great occasion of entertainment and recreation for the people residing in Kiribati. All Kiribati Festivals are in some way related to the sea, church and family. Kiribati Festival mainly revolves around family and tradition.


Among Kiribati Festival, Christmas holds a major position in the life of the people. The population of Kiribati comprises of 52% of catholic population and that is the reason why Christmas is celebrated as a Kiribati Festival with great pomp and show. Along with celebrating Christmas, the New Year's Eve also holds an important position in the life of the people of Kiribati. The Kiribati Festival of celebrating New Year holds major significance, as it is said that the dawn of the New Year breaks here in the Millennium Island of Kiribati. 

Some other Kiribati Festivals comprises of the Independence Day that is celebrated on the 12th day of the month pf July every year. This Kiribati festival is celebrated to commemorate the independence anniversary that the Gilbert Island was renamed as the Republic of Kiribati in the British Commonwealth, in the year 1979. 

The Kiribati Festival also comprises of the public holidays during the Easter in the month of April. Another important and interesting Kiribati Festival is the Youth Day which is celebrated every year on 4th of August. 

As all other festivals celebrated in the different parts of the world, the Kiribati Festivals also holds great significance in the life of the people of Kiribati. Kiribati Festivals are something that people look forward to, to get a rest from the daily monotonous life and indulge them in the pleasure of enjoying the days to the full.