Education in Kiribati

Primary education is free and compulsory for the first six years, now being extended to nine years. Mission schools are slowly being absorbed into the government primary school system. Higher education is expanding; students may seek technical, teacher or marine training, or study in other countries.


Kiribati Festivals

Kiribati Festival has always stood as a great occasion of entertainment and recreation for the people residing in Kiribati. All Kiribati Festivals are in some way related to the sea, church and family. Kiribati Festival mainly revolves around family and tradition.


South Tarawa is the capital of the Republic of Kiribati

South Tarawa (in Gilbertese Tarawa Teinainano) is the capital and hub of the Republic of Kiribati and home to approximately half of Kiribati's total population. The South Tarawa population center consists of all the small islets from Betio in the West to Bonriki in the East, connected by the South Tarawa main road; with a population of 50,182 as of 2010.