Currency of Kiribati

The currency used is Australian dollars, available in A$ 100,50,20,10,and 5. Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted which makes it easier to conduct financial transactions, though this may not be the case in outlying islands. The cost of a holiday/visit to Kiribati is higher than most other Pacific countries because nothing is produced on the islands so the cost of food and other items is more.


Administrative divisions of Kiribati

There are a total of 21 inhabited islands in Kiribati. Kiribati is divided into three island groups, including a group that unites the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands (ministry at London, Kiritimati) Island. The groups have no administrative function.


Culture Of Kiribati

Contemporary Kiribati culture is centered on the family, the church and the sea. Its relative isolation Kiribati has allowed "traditional values" and skills to be maintained.