Places to Visit in Kiribati

Kiribati Destinations include the vast stretches of coastlines and coral reefs that adorn the islands at Kiribati. The deep blue sea, varied vegetations and different species of animals attract tourists from all over the world.


Currency of Kiribati

The currency used is Australian dollars, available in A$ 100,50,20,10,and 5. Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted which makes it easier to conduct financial transactions, though this may not be the case in outlying islands. The cost of a holiday/visit to Kiribati is higher than most other Pacific countries because nothing is produced on the islands so the cost of food and other items is more.


Kiribati Health Care and Vaccinations

Health insurance is strongly recommended. Tungaru Central Hospital on Tarawa provides medical service to all the islands. Government dispensaries on all islands are equipped to handle minor ailments and injuries. Visitors should bring their own supply of basic medicines with them.