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Places to Visit in Kiribati


Kiribati Destinations include the vast stretches of coastlines and coral reefs that adorn the islands at Kiribati. The deep blue sea, varied vegetations and different species of animals attract tourists from all over the world.


The Kiribati Destinations can be more attractive if visited during the dry seasons apart from the months of November to February. The adventurous tourists can however visit the Kiribati Destinations during the rainy seasons to get the essence of rain in the islands of Kiribati.

There are several Kiribati Destinations that are the must visit tourist spots of the Kiribati islands. With abundance of hotels and boarding houses to stay at, these place excel in their natural beauty and varied flora and fauna. Some of these place are the following:

Tarawa :

 Tarawa Tour incorporates the tour of the groups of coral reefs that provide the tourists with a breath taking view of the coral reefs and the sea. The coral reef of the Tarawa island has passage ways that provide an extensive view of the coral reefs and the surroundings. The tourists can enjoy the fun of walking through the low tide areas beside the coral reef at Tarawa. The deep blue sea, the coral reefs, the vast stretches of sandy beaches and the coconut palms make it a perfect holiday tour. 

The Tarawa Tour includes the various parts of the Tarawa island where the absence of traffic and maintained roads give it an adventurous essence. Tarawa Tour is bound to make one feel surprised of the fact how people still live under thatched roofs amidst the coconut grooves and various types of floras.

 The locals of the Tarawa island are famous for their hospitality and genial attitude they show to the tourists. The Tarawa Tour includes the visual treat of the traditional dances and other performances by the locals of the place. They have successfully maintained their culture and tradition keeping themselves away from the fever and fret of the modern world.

The tourist spots at the Tarawa reef consists of the remains of the wars, the shipyard, the catholic churches, colorful windows of the churches and the cultural center of the island that promotes the local handicraft materials. The accommodation facilities at the Tarawa reef include the expensive hotels and the modest ones that suit every budget and taste.

Betio Island :

 It is famous for the remaining of the wars that took place in the year 1943. The long golf courses and the beaches of the Betio island are the major attractions of the place.

Abaiang : 

This place is famous for the catholic church and the colorful window frames that it has. One can even enjoy the tribal villages there and indulge themselves into buying the handicraft items made there.

Abemama : It is worth visiting for being the residential area of the royal family of Kiribati. The remains of the war and the villages are popular with the tourists.

Kuria : 

Kuria forms the central point of the chain of Kiribati islands. The area coverage of the island of Kuria is not big. It covers an area of 12.3 square kilometers. The population is very thin offering a cool and calm tour for the visitors to Kuria. The estimated population of Kuriacounts only to 862. 

The Pacific Ocean embraces the twin islands of Kuria. In this pair of lonely islands the visitors can enjoy the warm majestic view of the enigmatic blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The pair of islands in Kuria is located in the North Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean. To the northwest of the other island Aranuka, the pair of islands in Kuria lies.

The two islands that form the base of Kuria are Buariki and Oneeke. These two islands have between them a narrow channel on a shallow water body. These pair of islands are surrounded by beautifying coral reef. 

The eastern side of Kuria has the widest part of the reef. The unspoiled and remote coral atolls afford the tourists a taste of true Pacific culture. The blue lagoons and sparkling white sand along with beautiful flora and fauna offer a magnificent vacation in a peaceful and congenial setting of Kuria.

The city that borders Kuria in the west is Morikao. In the east, the cities that embrace Kuria are Tuarabu and Tekarakan. The north and south of Kuria are bordered by Aonobuaka and Taburao respectively. The airport service is near to Kuria. Any tourist can avail the airport service from Bonriki International Airport. The tourists enjoy a dream tour in Kuria once he/she pays a visit to this island.

Marakei : 

The Marakei Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. A part of the Northern Kiribati Group of Island the Marakei Island covers a total area of 13.5 Square Kilometers. Most of the people believe that the crew members of the Hernando de Grijalva'svessel including San Juan were the people who discovered Marakei and Abaiang,which is another Island in the Kiribati Group of Islands. 

A very small atoll in the North Gilbert Islands,the Marakei Island has a central Lagoon that consist of numerous deep basins and are also surrounded by two large islands and both of them are separated by two narrow channels. These two narrow channels are usually inaccessible by at low tides are called Baretoa Pass and Reweta Pass.

The Marakei atoll Island due to its special natural features makes an attractive tourist location and the visitors are bound to be impressed by the blue waters. The seclusion of the atoll of Marakei Island makes it a paradise for honeymooning couples. With nature at its best the atoll Island of Marakei, like most of the islands on the Pacific Ocean, has a relatively small population and a distinct culture which forms there identity.

The distinct history and culture of the atoll island of Marakei is reflected in the way of life and art of the people. The sea and the reefs have a prominent effect on the natives of the area. Their livelihood, economy and general customs all reflect the effect of their geography. This makes the atoll Island of Marakei an even more interesting place.

Kiritimati : 

Also known as the Christmas Island, Kiritimati Island is a Pacific Ocean atoll in the northern Line Islands. A part of the Republic of Kiribati, Kiritimati Island has the largest 642 square kilometers (248 sq mi)of Coral Atoll area which is the largest in the world. It actually comprises of 70% of the total land area of Kiribati.

 With a perimeter of about 150 km there are parts of its lagoons which have dried out. Besides the main Island there are some smaller Islands in Kiritimati like the Cook Island which has a size of 19h, Motu Upua 19 ha, Ngaontetaake 27 ha, and Motu Tabu 3.5 ha.

The Island of Kiritimati was an European discovery. In the year 1777 Captain James Cook first stepped on the shores of the Island ofKiritimati. Gilbertese spell Christmas as Kiritimati and therefore the name Christmas Island was given to the region. The Island of Kiritimati comprises of five villages and towns, these include :

The Kiritinmati Island has a good communication system. Cassidy International Airport is located just North of Banana, Kiritimati. This is the only International Airport of the region that serves America. There is an inactive Aeon Airfield located on the South East point of the Kiritimati Island.

The Kiritimati Island is visited by tourists from all over the world and has a number of Hotels and Lodges. The Kiritimati Island is valued as a nuclear testing location and also for its beautiful marine and wild life treasures.