Fijian Cuisine


Everyone on vacation loves to try the local treats and Fijian cuisine is one that will excite your taste buds and your palate asking for more. You will enjoy all the various types of food in Fiji that are spread before you at the many restaurants whether they are local treats or international cuisine.


You will find all the islands are dotted with restaurants that offer traditional Fijian food, Indian foods, and of course international cuisine so everyone will find their favorite dishes and other food in Fiji to eat. 

The most popular Fijian food includes kakoda, rourou, duruka, lovo, kassaua, and breadfruit. Fijian dining can be found at Makuluva Delights, Riley's Restaurant, and the Bounty Bar & Restaurant. 

Makuluva Delights is home in Waiyevo, Fiji on Coast Road. At Makuluva's you will be able to enjoy several traditional foods of Fiji along with European and Asian cuisine. Fijian dining at Makuluva's is very affordable; however, they only serve dinner. Makuluva Delights is located nearby the Garden Island Resort. Kakoda is one of the most common foods of Fiji you will find at several restaurants, which is a local fish.

Riley's Restaurant is found on Naigani Island and is nearby Suva. This is the best restaurant on this island for serving up Fijian cuisine that will melt in your mouth. Here you will enjoy seafood, beef, taro, and local vegetables. Breakfast and lunch are also served but nothing is as great as their three-course dinner of traditional Fijian food or international cuisine if you desire.

Bounty's Bar and Restaurant is another popular place for trying some of the authentic foods of Fiji. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a romantic meal featuring grilled steaks and several Fijian food items. The most popular Fiji traditional food served here is palusami, which is a delectable pork, or fish, which is prepared by steaming along with coconut milk surrounded by taro leaves and creates one of the best foods of Fiji you can find.

Food in Fiji is very diverse just as is the residents that call Fiji home. Along with finding delectable and enticing traditional Fijian food, you can also find a large variety of Fiji dining that offers many different cuisines along with Fijian cuisine.

Along with serving Fijian food you will find very affordable and small family style restaurants and on the other end high dollar exotic Fiji dining possessing an elegant atmosphere. The Chef's The Edge is found on Sagayam Road right behind Jack's Handicrafts in Nadi. Chef's - The Edge is a more of an elegant and chic restaurant offering herbal tea, espresso, cappuccino and delicious treats such as Asian cuisine, seafood lasagna, and even the old American stand by, hamburgers.

One other Fijian dining experience if you are looking for romance and spectacular scenery at the same time that must be mentioned is the Waterfall Restaurant & Bar. The Waterfall Restaurant & Bar is home in Suva and is completely surrounded by soft and gently flowing brooks and tropical greenery. Many consider this eatery as one with a ambiance that is not only romantic but dreamy. The most popular dishes served are Thai food.

No matter where you are in Fiji, you will find an array of delightful dining experiences. All major hotels and resorts have restaurants and you do not have to be a guest at their establishment to enjoy their vareity of the local and international cuisine. During lunch you may find instead of a sit down and be served style meal you will encounter buffet style treats.