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Suva, capital of Fiji


Suva the beautiful harbor city is the Capital of Fiji. The city is built on a peninsula and reaches out into the sea. The buildings of this city is a mixture of modern design and traditional architecture.

On one side the city have Laucala Bay and on the other side Suva Harbor, in the southeast corner of Viti Levu.


Capital of Fiji catches the southeast trade wind all the year round. The mountains in the north and west has a moist weather due to this wind. The city holds multiple races. Suva emerged as a late Victorian village, where farm houses and stores could be found along the beach front. The past of the city is a living history with the small, quaint wooden bungalows in contrast with the modern offices and shopping plazas.

The city is full of tall buildings as it is the administrative center of the Central Division. The colorful gardens and waving palm trees throughout the place make it more attractive. Attending the carol in the church on Sundays are will be a magnificent experience. The Centenary Methodist Church on Stewart Street is the most renowned church of the Capital of Fiji. The art and craft works made by people throughout the island group can be found in the museum.

Capital of Fiji can be reached by flight from Nadi Airport. This city has got diverse tourist attractions starting from the excellent flora and fauna of the rain forest to the happening night life. People can enjoy rafting in the Navua River.

Accommodation in Fiji Capital is not at all a problem as you can find several hotels like Suva Motor Inn, Pearl South Pacific, Lagoon Resort etc. Suva restaurants offer you some delicious delicacies which include Chinese, Indian, traditional Fijian and European cuisine.

Capital of Fiji is the center for all government activities. Along with that it is one of the most attractive tourist destination of Fiji.