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Laos Population


Laos Population is very diverse as a result of several migrations and international wars. Half of the Population of Laos is consisted of ethnic Lao.


These lowland inhabitants are the dominant group politically and culturally. They are mainly the descendants of Tai people who migrated from China. 

Laos Population includes various ethnic groups like Lao Loum (68%), Lao Theung (22%), Lao Soung (9%) and also ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese (1%). This consists of 6,521998 populations.

The age structure of the Population in Laos can be divided in three parts such as 0-14 years: 41.2%, 15-64 years: 55.7% and 65 years and over: 3.1%. The median age of Laos is 19 years. The population growth rate is 2.37%. The birth rate is 34.98 births/1,000 populations and death rate is 11.28 deaths/ 1,000 populations. Total fertility rate is 4.59 children born/woman.

Laos Population follows different religion such as Buddhist 65%, Animist 32.9%, Christian 1.3% and other unspecified group 0.8%. People speak in Lao, the official language. French, English and various other ethnic languages are in use. 66.4% of the Population of Laos is literate. 77.4% male and 55.5%female above 15 years age can read and write.

Many tribes still inhabit the mountain region of Laos. In the northern part of the country mountain tribes of Sino-Tibetan (Hmong, Yao, Akha and Lahu) and Tai ethno-linguistic heritage can be found.

Laos Population also includes Mon-Khmer tribes, who live in the central and southern mountains. Laos Population makes the country very vibrant with frank, open-hearted, friendly people.