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Culture of Seychelles


The culture of the Seychelles is a blend of some European but mainly African elements. For instance, the sombre moutia, the distinctive dance of the Seychelles, has strong African and Malagasy rhythms. Seychellois songs are prayers refashioned into work chants by slaves and their descendants.


They are usually accompanied by rhythmic, graceful dance routines. Seychellois music combines Indian, European, Chinese and Arabic influences and the major instruments are accordions, banjos, violins, the makalapo (a stringed instrument), the zez (a kind of sitar), African skin drums and the bom (a bowed instrument).

The National School of Music and the National Cultural Troupe were set up by the government to consciously foster a Créole cultural identity and tradition. Crafts in the Seychelles are usually handcrafted variations of sea and forest treasures like seashells, palm leaf souvenirs, etc.