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Currency of Seychelles


Seychelles Rupee (SCR; symbol Rs) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of Rs500, 100, 50, 25 and 10. Coins are in denominations of Rs5 and 1, and 25, 10, 5 and 1 cents.


Note: Tourists must pay hotel bills in foreign currency (in the form of cash, traveller's cheques or credit or debit cards). Payment in local currency is only allowed if an exchange receipt can be shown as proof of the conversion from foreign currency into local currency. The duty-free shop at the airport only accepts credit cards or foreign cash.

Credit cards: 

American Express, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted; Diners Club has more limited use.


ATMs are available in Mahé and Praslin.

Travellers cheques: 

Accepted in most hotels, guest houses, restaurants and shops. To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travellers are advised to take traveller's cheques in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling.

Banking hours: 

Mon-Fri 0830-1430, Sat 0830-1100.

Currency restriction: 

The import and export of foreign currency is unrestricted. The import and export of local currency is limited to Rs2000.

Currency exchange:
Exchange facilities are available at the airport banks, which are open for all flight departures and arrivals. Some bank branches will exchange traveller's cheques and foreign currency. Currency exchange receipts should be kept in order to facilitate re-exchange on departure.

Seychelles duty free

The following items may be imported into the Seychelles by travellers aged 18 years or older without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco.
• 2L of spirits and 2L of wine.
• 200ml of perfume or eau de toilette.
• Food items not exceeding Rs3,000.

Banned imports: 

Prohibited goods (unless prior authorisation has been granted) include dangerous drugs, firearms and ammunition, offensive weapons (including spear guns), plants and plant products, animals and animal products, chemicals, radioactive substances, biological specimens, medicines (unless prescribed), poisons, fireworks and explosives.

Pornography is completely prohibited.

Banned exports: 

Endangered species.