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Liberia things to see and do


The most famous beaches are the surfing ones near Robertsport. However there are a series of beaches surrounding Monrovia. Most have dangerous currents, but ELWA, Silver, and Cece Beach are all open to swimmers. Both Silver and Cece have bars and restaurants, with Cece stretching miles beyond the crowds for those in need of solitude.


Climb Mountain Woligizi

Mount Wologizi in northern Liberia is the country’s highest point. Flanked by dense jungle, the mountain is accessible by road at the village of Lisco. The mountain trail leads past waterfalls and a series of sloping hills to the summit, from which three countries can be seen (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) as well as the largely unmapped tropical forest that stretches south from here for half the length of the country.

Cross a monkey bridge

Fast running rivers stream down from this Northern region, through the Lofa rainforest to the mangroves surrounding Monrovia. Strong currents are crossed by monkey bridges. These bridges are rewoven by surrounding communities from rainforest material once or twice a year, in a ceremony organised by the secret societies that organise most social activity in villages in Lofa. Scattered with equal regularity in this region are waterfalls, Kapatwee Falls being the most famous. Ordinarily left to crash in solitude, national holidays will see these beauty spots packed with celebrants.

Experience the bustle of Monrovia

The capital of Liberia, this is where most urban attractions sit mixed together: ruined buildings from a dozen different eras mix with sushi bars, a national museum, Waterside cloth market, the Freemasons Temple and packed new supermarkets. The population is equally diverse with UN and NGO expatiates from around the world exchanging detailed stories of life in Liberia and world politics with people from every part of Liberia.

Go deep-sea fishing

Just 12km (7.5 miles) off the shore of Monrovia, a deep sea trench hides a wealth of fish giants, including scores of blue marlin, sailfish, and yellow fin tuna. The best season is November through May when boats, complete with experienced captains, can be charted. Despite the wealth of fish, there are relatively few boats to compete with.

Monkey around in Marshall

This verdant coastal resort often comes as a surprise to tourists. Not only because it contains a luxury resort, which offers something of a contrast to accommodation standards in the rest of the country, but because it is also home to an island populated exclusively by rescued chimpanzees. There’s also a swimmable lagoon and gorgeous golden beaches.

Search for pygmy hippos

In the extreme north of Liberia lies the East Nimba Nature Reserve. A hill covered in rainforest and filled with butterflies, birds, monkeys, and the elusive pygmy hippos, it is relatively well developed for tourists, with well informed guides and guest house accommodation available in both as part of the entrance fee. Nimba is easier to reach than Sapo with a tar road for most of the route from Monrovia to Gabrnga.

Step back in time at Harper

Located on the southern tip of Liberia, Harper was once the home of President Tubman, who lavished attention on his town with lavish construction projects. However, the gorgeous art deco houses, once the jewel in Harper’s crown, have long since been abandoned, looted and reoccupied by those in need of shelter. As well as providing an extraordinary contrast between then and now, wealth and poverty, Harper is home to some stunning beaches and marine life such as whales and dolphins.

Surf at Robertsport

The most famous beaches are the surfing ones near Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County. Some surfers prefer to ride the waves during the quieter weekdays, while others like showboating to the crowds at the weekend, but all are united in their appreciation for the reliable breaks that roll in most days. Local surfers offer lessons for the less experienced.

Visit Sapo National Park

Based just north of Greenville is Liberia's only National Park. Named after the people who gave up its land to create it, and who now protect it, Sapo was originally meant as a prototype in a series of 12 parks.

 Corruption and war has seen many of the other forested areas destroyed for timber. Sapo survives largely due to its inaccessibility; the journey requires a looping route through Zwedru that takes over 11 hours from Monrovia. But it is one of the only well developed tourist areas outside the capital – the calm and friendly village of Jalaytown, with its bird-houses and sacred fish, are worth the journey alone.