North and Central America (Canada)

Easter traditions in Canada

Easter is the holiest and oldest of all traditions for Christians throughout the world. The festival commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His death on Good Friday. The festival is celebrated after the end of the long cold winter when people look forward for the spring season. Easter in Canada is a highly religious occasion celebrated with great joy, pleasure and fanfare. The Canadians spend much of their time attending church masses and engaging in family gatherings. Easter eggs form the major part of Easter traditions in Canada. Read on further to know more about traditions and celebrations of Easter in Canada.

Europe (Italy)

Easter traditions in Italy

One of the major festivals of Christians; Easter is celebrated with much gusto and grandeur throughout the world. The day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, after His crucifixion on Good Friday. Considered to be very holy and auspicious, Easter also celebrates the beginning of the spring season after the end of the Lent period. [...]

South America (Colombia)

How is Easter celebrated in Colombia?

Columbia celebrates Easter with processions, retreats, Masses and other events from Monday through Thursday. The most famous celebrations take place in Popayan and Mompox. The Last Supper is reenacted on Thursday. On Good Friday, there are masses and solemn rites, along with the crucifixion. [...]

Europe (Greece)

Easter traditions in Greece

Easter is the one of the most sacred holidays for people in Greece. Greeks celebrate the festival with religious fervor, by attending special church services. A number of customs are associated with the celebration of the festival, which is a fifty-day religious affair, in the nation. While most of the events are concentrated in and around the church, people in the country make it a point that they enjoy the holidays with their family, friends and close relatives as well. Traditional Greece recipes are prepared for the festival. The custom of exchanging Easter candles is one of the highlights of Easter in Greece. [...]

Asia (Armenia)

Easter in Armenia

Easter (Zatik) is the favourite and the most anticipated holiday in the Christian world. Everybody greets each other on this day: “Christ has arisen"-“Blessed is the resurrection of Christ". [...]

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