Europe (Spain)

Madrid is the capital of Spain

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. It is the third largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third largest in the European Union after London and Paris.

Europe (Iceland)

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland with more than 113,000 inhabitants (2005), or nearly 40% of the country’s total population.

It is the seat of government, and most of the government agencies. The Parliament "Althing", which is considered to be the oldest in the world, assembles in Reykjavik. [...]

Europe (United Kingdom)

Rivers and lakes

The longest river in the UK is the River Severn (220 mi, 354 km) which flows through both Wales and England. [...]

Europe (Belgium)

Easter in Belgium

In Belgium Easter is one of the big celebrations.Christians celebrate Easter every year in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [...]

Australia & Oceania (Australia)

Easter traditions in Australia

The island nation of Australia celebrates Easter with great fanfare and traditional fervor. Being a land of aboriginal tribes and exotic animals, Australia celebrates Easter by imbibing its unique native elements. The Christian churches in the country follow the Easter Christian Calendar to celebrate the festival, which begins with Shrove Tuesday and ends with Whitsun (or Pentecost), which is 50 days after Easter Sunday. Good Friday is a day of mourning. On Easter Sunday, churches are bedecked with flowers, to commemorate the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. [...]

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