Europe (Austria)

Water sources of Austria

This is a list of rivers (or tributaries thereof) at least partially located in Austria. Nearly all of Austria is drained by the Danube into the Black Sea; the rest flow into the North Sea.

Europe (Austria)

Easter traditions in Austria

Everything starts on PALM SUNDAY

The "palms" are actually made from various green branches or shoots (pussy willows, branches of juniper, boxwood, periwinkle, etc.). In some regions, they're decorated with apples, oranges, nuts, colored eggs, pretzels, artificial flowers, little wreaths or multi-colored ribbons. [...]

Europe (Ireland)

Irish Christmas Traditions

Nollaig Shona Dhuit is Merry Christmas in Irish Gaelic, which is still taught in schools in Eire, the Irish Republic. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Christmas in Ireland is a traditional holiday in both parts of the island, and very much a family and religious celebration! [...]

Europe (Gibraltar)

Christmas In Gibraltar

While you’re here on Gibraltar, take the time to spend some fun Holiday shopping in one of the most unique and cost effective places to do your Christmas shopping in the world. [...]

Africa (Mali)

Christmas in Mali

Mali is a mainly Muslim country, but Christmas is also an official public holiday. In Mali, most Christmas celebrations take place in Churches, where people remember the real meaning of Christmas, that Jesus came into the world as a baby. [...]