Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country of the Balkan Peninsula. (In common usage—and in the remainder of this article—a hyphen is used instead of the word “and.”) Bosnia-Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. From 1946 to 1992 Bosnia-Herzegovina was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. In 1992, it became independent.

Europe (Spain)

Easter traditions in Spain

A major festival after Christmas, Easter is celebrated throughout the world with much pomp and fanfare by the Christian community. The holiday observes the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, after He was crucified on Good Friday. Apart from festivity and celebrations, the occasion also stands for one’s faith in goodness and religion. The day welcomes the spring season after the end of the Lent period. The Spanish celebrate the true meaning of Easter in a bigger way than most other European countries. Somber processions are carried out where robed and hooded penitents carry heavy religious statues through the streets. [...]

Europe (Germany)

Easter traditions in Germany

Easter is celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead after His crucifixion on Good Friday. The festival also marks the onset of the spring season after the end of the Lent period. It is observed by the entire Christian community throughout the world. The most important Easter symbols are spring flowers, eggs, chickens, hares and lambs. Easter celebrations in Germany are quite similar to other countries. Post offices, banks, stores and other businesses are usually shut down. Easter in Germany is known for colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies. The festival is celebrated with a whole lot customs and traditions. [...]

Europe (Hungary)

Easter traditions in Hungary

Easter is a two-day holiday in Hungary, celebrated with great fanfare and religious fervor. The holidays are enjoyed to the fullest by the Hungarians. People celebrate the occasion by following customs that are native to their homeland. A number of interesting folk customs are still alive in the European country, which make the festivities colorful. Out of the customs, sprinkling perfumed water and egg-painting are very popular and are followed even today. Go through the following lines to know all about the celebrations of Easter in Hungary and various customs followed for the same. [...]

Europe (United Kingdom)

Easter in Great Britain

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian church year. It begins with Good Friday. The Romans killed Jesus Christ in Jerusalem about two thousand years ago. Christians believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion. [...]

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