Valentine's Day in Mexico

Imagine sitting on Canacun Beach on the Mexican Coast, with endless view of the crystal clear sea and the trees on the beach sway in the breeze. You dig your feet in the sliver, white sand and soak in the warm sun as your loved one passes you a cool drink. You feel you are in paradise. After a relaxed time on the beach, both of you walk through the streets reviving the ancient Aztec Mexican vibes. By evening, the place is bustling with energy and it feels like a carnival. You enjoy a romantic dinner with spicy, traditional Mexican meal and float with the live Mariachi band playing beautiful music. The romance between both of you is beautifully kindled. Mexico is a beautiful destination to choose to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one.

Food & Hospitality

The 20 Best Countries in the World for Food

Your mom cooks the best food ever in the universe. We know that. But if one day you want to try food which (would never be better of course) would be different from your mother’s, then this article is for you.

Food & Hospitality

The best countries for food

Food and travel go together like planes and airports. No matter where you go you'll have little trouble finding at least one culinary experience that will help you understand the local culture. In some countries the food is the highlight, drawing many a foodie to its borders, like a moth to a flame. Here are 10 countries (in no particular order) that your taste buds will thank you for visiting.


Sex Around The World in 10 Facts

As makers of some of the world’s best-selling condoms, Durex is no stranger to sex. But always wanting to stay, ahem, on top, the brand regularly commissions surveys to find out more about the customers and the differing attitudes between countries and regions. The brand’s most recent survey looked at the sex lives of those living India, the USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil. Over 26,000 people were polled and the results were an eye-opener into the habits and satisfaction levels of each nation. We took a look at some of the more interesting facts to come from the survey to let you know who’s getting it- and just how much they are getting- around the world.