As makers of some of the world’s best-selling condoms, Durex is no stranger to sex. But always wanting to stay, ahem, on top, the brand regularly commissions surveys to find out more about the customers and the differing attitudes between countries and regions. The brand’s most recent survey looked at the sex lives of those living India, the USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil. Over 26,000 people were polled and the results were an eye-opener into the habits and satisfaction levels of each nation. We took a look at some of the more interesting facts to come from the survey to let you know who’s getting it- and just how much they are getting- around the world.

10. Men have More Partners than Women

This may seem like a stereotype or a no-brainer, depending on your perspective, but now our pals at Durex have confirmed that men indeed do play the field more than women. The only exception to this was the case of Mexico: here men were found to have had relatively few partners- only 6- while Mexican women had the highest of all the nations surveyed, with an average of 14! Overall though, it is men who have more sexual partners than women. The average number of partners across all 13 nations was 15.9 for men, compared to just 8 for women. Of course it’s unclear how much of this is male bravado or female modesty – as the survey depended on self-reporting – but in the interest of science, sex and statistics, we’ll take these men at their word.

9. Only 15% of People in Japan are Satisfied with their Sex Lives

All is not well in Japan it seems, at least if the Durex survey is to be believed. The survey found that only 15% of Japanese people are fully satisfied with their sex lives, and that on average, the Japanese only have sex 48 times per year. Considering that’s only around once every 7.6 days, it’s possible the Japanese are feeling a little frustrated.

8. The Average American Loses their Virginity at 18.4 Years of Age

That fateful moment sets us on our voyage of sexual exploration: the excitement and nervousness beforehand, the awkwardness during, and the reluctance to admit so afterwards. Thankfully however, things get better after that. With religious and cultural customs strongly dictating the age at which we lose our virginity, the differences in age in the survey were notable. The lowest average age was in Brazil at 17.3 years, followed closely by Germany at 17.8. The oldest national average went to Singapore and India, at 22 and 22.5 years respectively. Of the 13 countries surveyed, the overall average was 19.3 years.

7. The USA and Singapore have Similar Sexual Habits

The United States and Singapore may not be two nations you would immediately twin in terms of similarities, but it seems that under the sheets the two have a lot in common. Both nations are having sex on average 85 times per year, or once every 4.2 days. While, of course, the regularity of sex is a personal choice this does rank quite low in comparison to other nations: The British have sex 92 times per year, while both France and South Africa like are getting busy between the sheets 3 times a week routinely – that’s 120 days per years. However, while 48% of Americans claim to be happy with their sex lives, only 35% of Singaporeans say the same.

6. 20% of British Women Aged 25-34 have not had Sex in the Past Month

This figure is a bit of a deeper (no pun intended) look at the Durex survey, monitoring the levels of sexual activity in each age bracket. Unsurprisingly, the older you get, the less sex you have: only 13.5% of British women in the 65-74 age bracket had sex in the month preceding the survey but more unusually perhaps, 20% of women and 19.5% of men aged 25-34 haven’t had sex in a month either. As your twenties are meant to be the time of fun-filled freedom, it seems that some are missing out. Or at least, as anyone who’s ever watched Girls will tell you, your twenties are not all they’re hyped up to be. We can’t help but notice that the statistics for men and women here are relatively even. Surely if there was just a Meet Up group for this 20%, that would sort everything out… right?

5. Only a Quarter of French People are Fully Satisfied Sexually

The French are known the world over for their chic lifestyle, their enviably romantic capital city of Paris, and of course, their reputation as sensual lovers. All is not what it seems in France though, apparently, as only a quarter of French people declared themselves fully satisfied with their sex lives. 48% of Americans responded positively to the same study, so either the French are setting the bar too high for themselves, or they’re all talk and no action. Considering the study revealed the French spend only 14.2 minutes getting it on per session – one of the lowest numbers of all nations surveyed- too much talk may well be the problem.

4. On Average, Indian Women only have One Sexual Partner

This statistic reveals a lot about the traditions in Indian society: women are expected to remain virgins until marriage, so the minority of women with multiple sexual partners are flouting tradition as either re-married widows or women engaging in pre- or -extra-marital sex. Curiously, the average amount of sexual partners recorded by the same survey for Indian men is 6. Which begs the question, just who are these mystery sexual partners?

3. Mexicans Spend More Time between the Sheets than Anyone Else

While the French may not be spending as much time as they should getting it on, Mexicans most definitely are. The average duration of intercourse in Mexico is 22.1 minutes, a figure that puts the French to shame. Mexicans may not immediately be thought of when we think of the world’s great lovers, but they outperformed the Brazilians (21.4 minutes) and even the greatest of Italian stallions who came in at 20.4 minutes.

2. Mexico: The Most Sexually Satisfied Nation in the World

If you thought we were done singing the praises of Mexico then you were wrong. The nation that spends the longest having sex, is apparently also having the best sex. 63% of Mexicans are fully satisfied with their sex lives, suggesting that practice really does make perfect. A close second was India at 61%, which – when you bear in mind how few sexual partners they reported having – suggests that quality, not quantity, is what’s important.

1. Brazilians have Sex More than Anyone Else in the World

Well, we’re sure that quality is important to Brazilians too, but it seems that in the numbers game they outperform everyone. Brazilians report to having sex around 145 times per year, which is more than three times what the lowest ranked country, Japan, reported. Brazilian men also had the highest average number of partners from all countries surveyed (27) while Brazilian women were not far off leading in their category with 11 (The highest for women was 14). With a population of over 200 million people in Brazil, it would seem that Durex’s survey at least indicates a lucrative market in Brazilian men.

by Mary Plunkettfor