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Overview of Honduras


Honduras is a republic in Central America.

Capital and largest city: Tegucigalpa

Official language: Spanish

Recognised regional languages: Garifuna, English, Miskito,and other indigenous languages

Ethnic groups: 90% Mestizo mixture of European and American Indian
7% Amerindian
2% Black
1% White


Demonym: Honduran

Government: Constitutional republic
- President Porfirio Lobo Sosa
- Vice President María Antonieta de Bográn
- President of the National Congress Juan Orlando Hernández
- President of the Supreme Court Jorge Rivera Avilés

Independence from Spain, Mexico, and the Federal Republic of Central America
- Declared 15 September 1821 (as part of Federal Republic of Central America)
- from the First Mexican Empire July 1, 1823
- Declared 5 November 1828 (as Honduras)

- Total 112,492 km2 (102nd)

- 2010 estimate 8,249,574 (93rd)
- 2007 census 7,529,403
- Density 64/km2 (128th)

Currency: Lempira (HNL)

Time zone: CST (UTC-6)

Drives on the right

ISO 3166 code: HN

Internet TLD: .hn

Calling code: 504