Climate of the Bahamas

Climate of the Bahamas
Thanks to the trade winds that blow throughout our islands, we are blessed with warm weather year-round. Our coldest winters average a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest time is from September through May, when the temperature averages 70-75 degrees. And during the rest of the year, there’s high humidity, with the temperature ranging from 80-90 degrees. At night, it generally drops by 5 to 7 degrees. So you can continue to have fun all day and right into the night.


Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is from June to November. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit our islands during that time. Inaccurate hurricane reports often cause U.S. travelers to cancel their trips. It’s unfortunate, because many Bahamas hotels offer a Hurricane Cancellation Policy. This allows visitors who cancel their vacation during a hurricane to receive an immediate refund with absolutely no penalties. And should you get caught in a hurricane here, hotels will continue to be courteous and extend the lowest possible rate.

Rainy Season

Even paradise needs to cool off with a little rain every now and then. On The Islands Of The Bahamas, there is rain year-round. However, heavy squalls and thundershowers pass through quickly. So the rain never ruins your day. May and June are the rainy months. And our northern islands typically receive twice the amount of rain as our southern islands.