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Districts of the Bahamas


The districts of the Bahamas provide a system of local government everywhere except New Providence, whose affairs are handled directly by the central government. In 1996, the Bahamian Parliament passed "The Local Government Act" to facilitate the establishment of Family Island Administrators, Local Government Districts, Local District Councillors, and Local Town Committees for the various island communities. The overall goal of this act is to allow the various elected leaders to govern and oversee the affairs of their respective districts without the interference of Central Government. In total, there are 32 districts, with elections being held every three years. There are also one hundred and ten Councillors and two hundred and eighty-one Town Committee members to correspond with the various districts.


Each Councillor or Town Committee member is responsible for the proper use of public funds for the maintenance and development of their constituency.

The districts other than New Providence are:

1. Acklins
2. Berry Islands
3. Bimini
4. Black Point, Exuma
5. Cat Island
6. Central Abaco
7. Central Andros
8. Central Eleuthera
9. City of Freeport, Grand Bahama
10. Crooked Island
11. East Grand Bahama
12. Exuma
13. Grand Cay, Abaco
14. Harbour Island, Eleuthera
15. Hope Town, Abaco
16. Inagua
17. Long Island
18. Mangrove Cay, Andros
19. Mayaguana
20. Moore's Island, Abaco
21. North Abaco
22. North Andros
23. North Eleuthera
24. Ragged Island
25. Rum Cay
26. San Salvador
27. South Abaco
28. South Andros
29. South Eleuthera
30. Spanish Wells, Eleuthera
31. West Grand Bahama
32. Green Turtle Cay (not shown on map on the right)