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People and Language of Montenegro


Montenegrins are a South Slavic ethnic group with close ties to Serbs but claim a separate cultural identity. Montenegrins primarily populate central and southern areas of the country.


Serbs consist of Montenegro natives who identify as Serbs or Serbs who arrived over the past several centuries from Serbia.

Serbs populate northern, central, and coastal areas. Bosniaks reside in the extreme northeast whereas Albanians populate several border regions along the Kosovo and Albanian borders.

Other ethnicities include ethnic Muslims, Croats and Roma.

The official language is Montenegrin, a Serbo-Croatian dialect which is mutually intelligible with Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.

The government has pushed for the development of a separate Montenegrin language, which has included the introduction of new letters in the alphabet and the use of a modified Latin script as opposed to the Cyrillic used by Serbian.

These language issues appear primarily intended to establish a more unique culture and national identity separate from Serbia.